Don’t waste your time worrying. Here is what you can do with that time instead.

1. Time alone with God (Tag) in prayer. Tell every worry to God and leave them with Him. He cares (1 Peter 5:7).

2. Memorize Scripture.

3. Sing praises to God.

4. Consider God’s Creation. Stand in Awe of Him!!

5. Take a nap.

6. Work Hard! Pick up overtime to keep your mind busy.

7. Create and go after goals for the next 1-5 years.

8. Workout! Sweat! Workout!

9. Visit a shut-in.

10. Workout!

11. Cook someone a meal.

12. Read the Bible in 90-Days.

13. Buy a Journible and make your own copy of God’s word.

14. Write out 5 things you’re grateful for everyday for the next month, without repeating the same things.

15. Write a Book.

16. Gift a Book.

17. Listen to my I Can Do Podcast! Ha! (I Can Do with Benjamin Lee).

18. Sign up to teach a Bible class.

19. Review and listen to all the sermons preached this year. Take notes. Or listen to previous gospel meetings at your congregation again.

20. Color Bible Mark your Bible.

21. Pick up Pickleball.

Worry is a waste of time. Do something better with your time.

I Can Do…So Can You.