New Podcast! Episode #20 Overcoming Fear One Gear At A Time

We’re off to the races this week. I’m excited about the week, despite some challenges that are taking place. No matter what, we must keep moving forward. We trust in the Lord and in His power, not ours! This new podcast will take you back to 2016. Is there something you’ve been afraid to do?Continue reading “New Podcast! Episode #20 Overcoming Fear One Gear At A Time”

YouTube Channel Is Up: Tons Of Videos

Hello everyone! I finally was able to figure out (with the help of a friend) to get my current sermons and Bible class videos to my YouTube Channel! There is still plenty more to come, but there’s a lot. Take a listen and watch sermons when you get a chance. There’s a special series called,Continue reading “YouTube Channel Is Up: Tons Of Videos”

I CAN DO Podcast Is Available Now

I’ve been looking at a microphone I bought last year just sitting in a closest. One day I would begin a Podcast. But the excuses kicked in… Will I have enough time? Will anyone listen? What about…. ENOUGH… No more excuses. Life is short. Therefore, I’ve begun my new podcast. It’s called “I CAN DO.”Continue reading “I CAN DO Podcast Is Available Now”