A new episode is up and running! Stay strong and believe in yourself. Don’t worry about keeping up with others. Just keep focusing on how you can improve. Turn your pain into Power! Here’s the link for Apple Podcast HERE. ICD.Buzzsprout.com My podcast is available via Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and more! I CAN DO…SO CANContinue reading “TURN YOUR PAIN INTO POWER: NEW PODCAST!”

New Podcast! “Put It In The Calendar”

One of the easiest ways to transform your life for the better is to take better control of your time! Having a calendar and USING it is something simple we all can do! Put it in the calendar. It doesn’t count if it’s not in the calendar. New Podcast! Check it out HERE. And remember… IContinue reading “New Podcast! “Put It In The Calendar””

How Will It Make You Feel In The Morning?

Tis the season… For cookies… For pies… For every reason under the sun to EAT, EAT, EAT… Especially at NIGHT. I’m like a Gremlin. When it gets late, I tend to want to eat even more. Are you the same? Here’s a simple question to ask yourself when those moments hit. “How will this makeContinue reading “How Will It Make You Feel In The Morning?”

“Failure Is Not An Option.”

That was the line from the movie Apollos 13. That was the mindset of the leadership at NASA. It worked. They didn’t failed. They found a way. This is a great thought to remember in our lives. “Failure is not an option.” Sure, there will be some setbacks and hiccups along the way. But whenContinue reading ““Failure Is Not An Option.””

Artificial Victories

I was finishing up a lesson for an apologetics course I signed up for last year. There was a statement that stood out to me. The author was speaking about finding fulfillment in life. He went on to mention how “Sports teams provide people with artificial victories and projected meaning in life.” That caught myContinue reading “Artificial Victories”