It’s March and the year is moving quickly. Many have fallen by the wayside with respect to their New Years resolutions. 

What about you? Somehow we have to find different ways to push our ways. 

Back in November and December I created the Brown Suit challenge! 

Earlier in the year I could fit into my brown suit. I was fat and out of shape. But I dropped 20 pounds and added muscle. Eventually, I got back into it! Yes! 

But that’s only half the challenge. The other half is to stay in it. I decided to wear it fromThanskiving to January 1st for every Bible class and every time I preached. It worked. I ended up losing another 6 pounds during the holidays! 

It was another way for me to motivate myself. It gave me accountability. It pushed me. I told the entire church what I was going to do. I couldn’t fail. I gave myself a goal and kept it. 

How might you be able to motivate Yourself? Find a way and do it! 

Yeah, I’m talking to you! Get up!