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Memories I Don’t Want…

Memories are powerful…

Certain smells can trigger memories.

The smell of fresh baked cookies (I connect everything back to food) can trigger fond memories from childhood for some. 

Certain people can trigger memories from the past. Ever run into an old high school friend in person or on Facebook? Those past memories of laughter or hanging out late at night can come rushing into your mind. 

It’s great to do some laps on memory lane! But then…


There are some memories that you may wish you didn’t have. 

The last month I’ve gone back to the past and have relived some memories I wish I didn’t have. 

One memory I wish I didn’t have is with my mom and dad. It was a late night. Dad had gone out drinking. He was a mean drunk. He came home…

Things got bad…some of the details are fuzzy. I was maybe 10 or 11…

I remember dad having mom pinned down on the couch…And…I saw this…aaaahhh

I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife.

Now what? I have to take action! 

I run to the living room. Mom is still pinned on the couch. What do I do? Dad is too big for me to get him off mom. 

Being afraid all I could do was scream! 

That was enough to startle dad so mom could get free. We were on the second floor of an apartment complex. A neighbor below us heard me and called the police. Dad was taken away. 

What a terrible memory to have. It’s one that I wish I didn’t have. I don’t remember the rest of the night. I don’t remember us as a family discussing this. I don’t remember receiving any counseling. After discussing this with my sister she told this was when I began sleep walking. I wonder if I was trying to get away. 

Some memories I don’t want! What about you. As a father now, I want my son to have good memories. Everyday, I get an opportunity to create good memories for him. 

He will have some bad memories, but it doesn’t have to be because of my sinful behavior. What memories are you creating for those around you? 

Be wise! Be careful! Memories are powerful! Create some good ones!

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  1. I remember having to put my dog down, I wanted to be in the room when he passed, bad idea, I told him to breathe but he was gone 😢. I remember my grandmother dying I saw her in her final days, literally the day before, she was in a medical coma on morphine, I prayed with her before I left the hospital and told her we’d be fine and let go and be with Jesus and Grandpa that was 3 yrs ago. I remember and I still have flash backs when I was in a bad mental state was in a hospital for 12 days without seeing my son. He just turned 2. I was a mess never want to experience it again that was 3 yrs right after my grandma died.

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