I love photos! Photos don’t lie. Photos are a great way to measure weight loss. Throw your scale away. 

I have a Shutterfly coupon I need to use quickly. I have all of my photo albums organized! Ha! 

I went for a jog down memory lane a few years ago. As I was jogging through the 80’s and sprinting through the 90’s, I noticed something. Where was my dad? 

I saw granny and papa. I saw my mom and my sister. I saw my uncles and aunties. But where was dad? 

I did another lap through the 80’s and 90’s again. Maybe I ran too fast. I didn’t see dad in the pictures! I finally started to see more of him when I slowed down my pace in 2000. Wow! Most of my childhood, junior high and high school years, dad was not in the picture. 

Maybe my memory isn’t that good. So I asked my mom recently…

“Was dad at any of my band concerts?” 


“Was dad at my eight grade graduation, when I won male student of the year?” 


“Was dad at any of my sporting events in high school?”


“Was dad there when I received the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship?”


Dad wasn’t in the picture. 

Dad eventually started to surface in photos. That was a blessing. Although, I wish we had more time for some selfies! 

Dad is no longer here. 

I take fitness seriously because I would like to be around to take photos and create memories with Joshua. 

I take my time and schedule seriously because I want to make memories and take those photos with my son. 

Dads, we must be in the picture. You can only have so much overtime.

You can only be gone for so long from home. 

You can’t allow your hobbies to become a full time job! 

As a preacher, I have to still have balance (if that’s possible). I can’t try to save the world and lose my family. 

Get a new job if you find yourself gone too much (seriously). 

Learn to say a powerful word…”No!” It could save your family and change your family for the better. 

One day Joshua is going to go for a jog. He’s going to be looking for me! Lord willing he will see a lot of us! 

Dads, let’s stay in the pictures.