For the past year I’ve given up…

But it’s not what you think. 

I’ve given up my long lasting relationship with ESPN! 

I’ve given up watching entire sporting events! 

I’ve given up cable. Waste of money. Why waste time watching a non reality reality show when you can live your life? How many crime shows can one watch before becoming super paranoid? 

I’ve given up running to the local grocery store and getting myself a fat piece of cake…eating it on the couch…then passing out! 

Sometimes you just have to Give Up to Get what you truly want. 

I gave up hours of watching the same sports clips that I can watch whenever I want online, because it was holding me back from reading and family. You will have to give up something to get what you want. 

I gave up watching sports for a variety of reasons. One I will share with you is that I told myself instead of spending so much time seeing others chase after their dreams, I need to be doing that myself. 

 I need to be chasing my own Super Bowl ring, my Olympic Gold, my World Series ring! It’s hard to do that when your tied to the television for countless hours. 

Sometimes, it’s good to just GIVE UP! 

What are you willing to give up? 

When you say “No” to one thing, it allows you to say “Yes” to something else. 

Please, GIVE UP what’s holding you back! 

Give up the bitterness you may have toward someone else.

 Give up the anger and resentment that’s consuming your soul. 

Give Up!