Let Go Of That Fat! 

Why do you want it? 

Why aren’t you running away from it? 

It’s not your friend…

It’s holding you back…

It’s ugly and does not have good intentions. 

No matter what it says, it is not your friend. 

Sure, it’s often very convincing, enticing, and often irresistible. 

But…But…it’s lying to you! 

I’m talking about FAT! 

So many carry it around! It’s heavy, I know. But there is an alternative. 

You can lose it. You can say, “No more.”

It will never leave unless you say, “It’s time for you to leave right now.” Its up to you. So, when do you want to say goodbye to that fat?

Cmon now! I’m talking to you! Get up and move. The photo that you will see is 5lbs of fat! Yep! 

How many do you need to lose? 




It doesn’t matter how much you need to lose. It begins with a decision…to cut off…to determine to change right now. 

No more games! No more excuses! 

The choice is yours. Don’t invite any of fats cousins and kinfolk over. Evict fat right now! 


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