For better or for worse…

From where did that line come? 

I guess we could also say “For worse or better.” It doesn’t matter what order it you put it. 

In marriage, there will be a lot of “better” days. There will also be a lot of “worse” days. When you say “I do” you don’t know what may come first. 

You don’t know how long the “better” days may last. The same is true with the “worse” days. 

Nikki and I have had our fair share of “better days.” We’ve been able to travel together, grow spiritually together, live in three different states, experience the love of fellow Christians, and have been able to experience the joy of having a precious child. 

We’ve also have had our share of “worse days.”

We’ve experienced the death of loved ones (my grandparents, my dad, her grandmother, and other family members). 

We’ve been on the journey of finding out that I have a heart condition back in 2006. Nikki has been with me as I experienced the roller coaster ride of getting two defibrillators, and having a blood clot in my right coronary artery back in 2014. 

We were hoping to have a new addition to the family. We were so excited. Nikki ended up having what’s called a molar pregnancy. That would be another challenge for us to endure. 

Nikki would have chemo as part of the condition. I realized how strong she really is. It’s tough seeing your wife having to go through something like that. 

She was able to keep that beautiful smile of hers throughout it all. Even when she lost her hair, she was still beautiful. 

For better or for worse…

For worse or better…

Nikki didn’t marry a preacher. At the time I was a pharmaceutical rep. 

Nikki didn’t marry a man with an unpredictable heart condition. 

Through it all she has been with me! For better or for worse! 

In marriage, you don’t know what will happen. But we do know who is in control…The faithful Creator, the God of all comfort, the Divine Nature. 

I don’t know when people started saying “for better or for worse…” during a marriage ceremony. Whether we say them or not, that’s the attitude we must have. 

I wonder if we say “for better or for worse…” hoping we will have more better days than worse. I wonder if we said “for worse or better…” if people would be a little slower to say “I do.”

When we say “I do…” there’s no room for “I don’t.” That’s easy to believe on your wedding day. But as the waves called life begin to hit you, attitudes can change. 

“I do…” can turn into…

 “I didn’t sign up for this…”

 To “I don’t want to.” 

To “I quit.” 

Thank goodness Jesus didn’t have that attitude on the Cross! Jesus had the attitude of “I’m going to finish the commitment I’ve made to my Father in Heaven.” 

Should we not have the same? Of course! 

For better or for worse…

Easy to say…tough to live! 

But that’s what we must do. 

Maybe more should read the words found in Matthew 19:10 of the apostles after what Jesus taught about why one could get divorced. They said…”If such is the case with a man and his wife, it is better not to marry.”

What did Jesus say in Matthew 19:9? Read it for yourself! 

One will not lose his soul because he/she is single. 

One could lose their soul salvation though based upon what they do in their marriage and how they treat their spouse. 

It may be better for you not to get married. It’s serious business (1 Peter 3:7). 

It’s for worse or better…

It’s for better or worse…