There can be no turning back. 

Turning back will have bad consequences. 

When Lot fled from Sodom he and his wife were told not to look back. Lot didn’t and he lived! His wife did and she became salty! 

Don’t look back! 

The Israelites were told to move forward…to the land flowing with milk and honey. Those who had a hard time letting go and moving forward wouldn’t make it. They would be stranded and eventually die in the wilderness because they had a “looking back attitude.” 

The apostle Paul said that he would “press on.” There couldn’t be any looking back! 

Peter would speak about how bad it is to turn back in 2 Peter 2…Don’t turn back. 

Press Forward! Don’t look back! As Christians, this is what we must do! We are headed toward something far greater! 

How true is this with our physical fitness? 

You can’t go back to that former state. 

You lost all of that weight. You have more energy, more strength, more LIFE!!! Why are you thinking of turning back? 

Why are you even looking back? There’s nothing there but pain…

Don’t turn back!!!

Don’t let…

 A holiday to cause you to turn back. 

A job to cause you to turn back. 

A relationship cause you to turn back.

Anything cause you to turn back? 

Don’t go back to being obese, unhealthy, weak, etc…Thst food is not worth it. 

Press Forward…Go toward your goals! 

Just don’t look back!