Many don’t like to work under pressure. 

Many are feeling the pressure with taxes due today! The pressure is on. Oh boy! 

Many want to live a stress free life. But how can that happen? Some stress is actually good. It’s good to have deadlines and expectations. It’s good to put pressure on yourself. 

Adam in the beginning had to name all of the animals! Wow, that’s pressure. 

Noah had to build the Ark! Whoa, that’s a lot of pressure! 

Moses and the Israelites had to build the tabernacle of God according the pattern. Big time pressure! 

Solomon had to build the temple for God! Are you starting to get the point? 

In life, there will be pressure. Pressure can be good! A sense of urgency can be good. 

Things tend to get done faster when there’s a little pressure! 

Goals will be accomplished faster! 

Put more pressure on yourself. What have you been delaying to do? 

Is it cleaning the garage? Make a game out of it and get it done in 2 hours! 

Is it cleaning the house? Knock it out in 60 minutes! 

Is it starting that blog? Start writing right now. No more delay. Put some more pressure on yourself. 

I post selfies after I workout for accountability. It adds extra pressure. Every workout. 

I know, I know, some think that those who post workout photos are all about themselves. Not true! Ok, maybe a little. Ok, no just kidding. But it does add extra pressure. Positive pressure. 

Photos don’t lie. 

Clothes don’t lie. 

What are you waiting on to get done? 

Is it that book? 

Is it that conversation with a loved one? 

Is it forgiving someone? 

Is it obeying the gospel? 

What is it? Push yourself and get it done. 

Speaking of which, taxes are due today. Oh boy! 

The pressure is ON!