Do you want to read it? 

In the blanks insert your name and then print it out. I will explain more later. 

_________ was ____ years old when (he/she) passed from this side of life. 

_____ is survived by (his/her) spouse ___ and their children _____________.

The Bible says that it is appointed for men to die once, and after that the judgment in Hebrews 9:27. 

Life is a journey that will eventually end. Death is also a journey that will lead our souls into eternity. 

_______ is now in the realm of the unseen. (His/her) fate is sealed. 

______will stand before a just God. 

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is described as the righteous judge in Genesis 18:25. 

God is also described as the God of all comfort, the faithful Creator, and the one who can’t lie. _______ is in good hands. 

Death is not the end, but merely the beginning. While that’s true, it’s never easy for family to lose a loved one. 

I know how you all cared for _________.

I pray for the family at this time that God will comfort you in your time of sorrow. Take your time with grieving. The Israelites mourned for 30 days after Moses died, Deuteronomy 34:8.

Everyone’s grief is unique, Proverbs 14:10. There will be people who will say, “I know how you feel…” but they don’t. But God does! Praise God for that. 

Cling to Him when your eyes are filled with tears. Turn to Him when you become weak, and don’t know how you will move forward. 

In America, we rush too much with death and mourning. We’re back to work after taking a few days off (if we have vacation time). Our schedules are too busy. To the family, allow yourself time to cry, vent, and do nothing! But there is something else to consider…

While Israel mourned for Moses, they still had to do something. Eventually, they had to keep pressing forward. There were still blessings ahead for them to possess. You too in your own time must do the same. You will have to keep living. It doesn’t mean you have to stop grieving, but it does mean you have to keep living. 

The sun will continue to rise and to set. Holidays will come and go. Seasons will continue to come and go. You must continue. 

But this doesn’t mean that you should move on from the memories, experiences, and joy you had with _______. Hold on to those memories. 

______ was a person of faith. It was clear who ________ served…God. 

________ was in love with (his/her) family, and they loved (him/her) very much. 

________ had (his/her) priorities in order…



Then everything else! 

_________was sacrificial with (his/her) time. There were times when _______turned down overtime at work so (he/she) could really LIVE LIFE. 

Speaking of living life, it appeared that _________ really did enjoy life! 

 With respect to life, one person said, “Many are alive, but many are not truly living!” That was not the case for _________. 

_______was in great shape. 

_________recognized that there’s more to life than just exercising everyday. But (he/she) also realized that (his/her) health was important as (he/she) strived to give honor to God in all things and to be there for (his/her) family. 

______strived to leave a spiritual legacy for (his/her) family.

 (He/she) practiced what (he/she) taught others. It was clear _____was seeking first the kingdom of God, Matthew 6:33. 

Now ______ made mistakes like everyone else. But it was clear that ____had a heart of repentance, and learned from their mistakes.

_______children really loved (him/her). They were always excited seeing (him/her). 

______ spouse loved (him/her) so much.  It was clear that ______ gave (his/her) spouse the honor they deserved and that God expected. 

______ was giving of (his/her) time with volunteering and assisting others. People in the community saw (him/her) treating (his/her) neighbors the right way. 

_________ light shined! People wanted to know what gave ______ great joy and peace. (His/her) answer was, “I know who I am in Christ.”

Now I need to say something else. It’s about funerals. Funerals are interesting aren’t they? Many don’t go to them. Who wants to think about death? Many go but don’t always like what they hear. And there’s something else about funerals. 

Everyone seems to go to heaven. Even though Jesus taught that there will be many who will follow the path that leads to destruction. 

No matter what someone says at a funeral, there will be some who will be upset. If you talk the person into heaven, some may be upset. 

There is no way you can talk someone into hell. I’ve never been at a funeral where someone was adamant that a particular person would be in hell. 

That’s not my job. God will judge appropriately.  But I will say this. 

_______ was in Christ. ______ put Christ on as Paul instructed in Galatians 3:27. 

______knew about the power of the gospel, and obeyed it to receive Gods grace, Romans 1:16, 10:17,  3:23, 10:9-10, 6:1-4, 7, 23. 

_______did what Jesus said to do in Mark 16:16.

That I do know and I take great comfort in knowing that. To the family, take comfort in that also. 

______ was able to love life and see good days. ______ family has followed in (his/her) footsteps seeking to honor God with their lives. 

May God Bless the family! _______ loved you, and God loves you too. 

End of your Eulogy. 

So, what do you think? To much? Over the top? Not enough said? 

Did you put your name in the blanks? Good! Now ask yourself this question… 

“Could a preacher say those things about you at your funeral?” If not, why not?

I have to ask and answer the same question myself. 

Have you thought what might be said at your funeral? 

Everyday you get to decide what can be said. Everyday WE get to decide, by our attitudes, actions, and aspirations in our lives. 

Many don’t think about their funeral. Many don’t think about the cost and prepation that goes into a funeral for the family. We should. Jacob gave instructions to his family, with what to do with his body after he died, Genesis 50:1-6. 

In the end,  when we’re dead, we will not hear what someone will say about us. 

Let’s be more concerned with how we’re living now, treating others, and living for God. 

Let’s be concerned with what God will say to us on judgment Day! 

I can’t write your  Eulogy…

But YOU CAN!!! Make everyday count.