I’ve learned that there are certain things to look for when getting a hotel. 

There are warning signs that you should always look for when booking or upon arriving. If you see any of these, Rrrruuunnnnn and drive away as fast as you can. 

Warning signs…

1. If the door to your room is outside, keep driving, and don’t look back. 

2. If you have an option to pay the room by the hour, please don’t stay there.

3. If they have bright signs promoting free cable and internet, don’t stay there! 

4. If you see bars on windows or doors on the homes or businesses surrounding the hotel, don’t stay there. Check out a 4 block radius. 

5. If there’s a “Park” or “Bay” in the name of the hotel, don’t stay there! 

6. If there are only 3-4 cars when you arrive to check in, please keep driving. 

7. If there is some random person sitting in your hallway eating, find a way to cancel your reservation! 

8. If the sign is not lit, keep on driving. 

9. If there are a lot of semi trucks in the parking lot, take my advice and keep driving! 

10. If there’s a police car in the parking lot, then it’s probably a good sign to stay there. 

Don’t say you have not been warned.