I read that yesterday in a friends post. It caught my atttention. 

Did it catch your attention? It should. 

“Don’t give Jesus a chance.” 

Instead, give Him everything! 

Give Jesus your heart! Surrender to Him. 

As I talk to people about Jesus, I don’t want them to give Jesus merely a chance…

As if He is some kind of electronic that can be returned in 30 days if they are not satisfied! 

As if He is like some shirt that can be returned if it doesn’t fit properly. 

As if He is like some college class that one can drop if it gets too hard. 

Please don’t give Jesus a chance! 

Give Him everything!!!! 

We need to get to know Jesus. As one truly learns about Jesus, they should seek to follow Him. Obviously, people have a choice. There will be many who will learn of Him and decide not to follow Him. 

His teaching is narrow! He’s not after the crowds, but rather the committed. 

However, what I want people to know this is not about giving Jesus a chance.

Jesus has given us a CHANCE !!!!

A chance at…






Jesus gave us a chance to be born again…

Therefore, we need to give Him everything. He is both Lord and Christ, Acts 2:36. He is king of Kings. He is risen. 

You give protein powder a chance. 

You give a pet a chance. 

You give Netflix and Hulu a chance. 

You give a politician a chance. 

Jesus…Jesus…Please don’t give Him a chance.


All knees will bow to Him one day! He is risen! His grace is available, Romans 6:23. Will you follow Him, Mark 16:16? 

Cross Now…Crown Later