I’m back home for a bit.

I wanted to visit my dad and my sister Andrea.

There’s no dialogue between us. There’s no eye contact.

Only thoughts from me about memories with dad.

And thoughts about what could have been with Andrea. Andrea was my second sister.

But her dash is small. Small in the sense that’s there is so little time between her birth and death.

About 6 weeks. What could have been…

I wonder what her laugh would have sounded like…

I wonder how big her smile may have been…

I wonder if she could have run fast…

What could have been.

Her dash is small.

My dads dash was bigger, but still relatively short.

How big or small will your dash be?
What about mine?

I don’t know and neither do you. There’s no one at the cementary. It’s a place full of dashes, some short and some long.

What I do know is this…

Life is short, Hebrews 9:27.

Life is uncertain, James 4:13-15

Life is a gift. Man, enjoy it!!!

You don’t know how short or long your dash may be.

Only God does! Make sure you know God, walk with Him, and obey Him because the dash is not the end of the road.

After the DASH… comes ETERNITY…

Don’t be in such a dash in life that you forget God! Make sure that your dash is full of worship, praise, and obedience to Him.