There’s something powerful about photos! 

Photos don’t lie. The scale can lie, but photos the majority of the time will show us where we are at physically. 

I took some photos on Tuesday of this week. It only took a few minutes to complete. But it was something that I incorporated as motivation for my physical transformation. 

When I started Bill Phillips program last August, I booked a photo shoot. I called the photographer and set the date. I got chills after doing that. It made the entire process and transformation that more real.

There was a date out there. There was a destination. When the photo shoot time came, I had made great progress. But I did not actually take the photos. I think I still wasn’t happy where I was. That mindset has changed. 

I have some goals for July 4th. I’ve made great gains since that photo shoot I didn’t do in November. I followed through this time. It was great! And it’s empowering. 

My next one is scheduled for June 1st and then another one July 1st. 

What about you? Go ahead and try it. Book a  photo shoot! It cold be the motivation you need to breakthrough. Don’t be afraid. Be confident. 

Strike a pose!