Marriage is a blessing! 

Husband and wife are to remain as one, Matthew 19:4-6.

Yet at times challenges come along. 

For many couples, there can be a lack of understanding of what they should be for one another. 

Roles can become blurred.

Things can get out of balance. 

Life happens! 

Before you know it two people who said “I Do…” may be thinking “I Don’t…”

Oh boy! 

What God has joined together let no man separate. 

Many things are written about why issues occur with respect to marriage.

Many times it’s communication issues.

At other times, it may be selfishness, Phillipians 2:1-5. Man, we gotta keep reading that passage. 

The Bible is always the place to turn to and follow when it comes to what a wife should be to her husnand and what a husband should be to his wife.

A lot could be said…

There could be some couples who are just beginning their new journey together! Congratulations! Enjoy marriage. It’s a beautiful relationship. 

This blog is for the fellas. Maybe you’re trying to figure out what God wants you to be as a husband. 

When we follow Gods will being the husband we need to be is easy as ABC…

Ok maybe not as easy as ABC, but nonetheless let’s consider some basic things that as men we should strive to be and how we should act toward our wives. 

A…have the APPROPRIATE ATTITUDE toward your wife. Your attitude will determine the ALTITUDE of your marriage. 

B…BE grateful for that woman who said “I do…” to you. Tell her how BLESSED you are to have her in your life regularly. 

C…CONSTANTLY COMMUNICATE (this is hard for us guys, but it is vital). T.A.L.K. Say more than “Yes” “No” “ESPN” and/or “I don’t know.”

D… DETERMINE to never threaten with the “D” word…DIVORCE. It will make matters worse. 

E…EVALUATE your heart for hidden sins and EXPOSE them. 

F…stay FINANCIALLY FIT! And oh yeah, stay physically FIT! Were you in shape when you said “I do?” Then stay in shape. And if not, get in shape. You need your FITNESS! You want her to look good. News flash…She wants the same (Get a pedicure too) 😂😂

G…Give God Glory in all you do. This mindset will help you in every area of your marriage. 

H…HELP your wife make it to HEAVEN. This will mean that HEAVEN is a goal for you too. When you both have this goal, watch out world! 

I…IGNORE advice that doesn’t line up with scripture. 

J…keep the JOY in the marriage! Laugh!!! Everything is not a crisis. Have fun. Take a vacation. Cook together.  Watch movies, play games, take a day off, run around the house naked! Have fun. 

K…be KIND. Your words are powerful and so is your voice inflection. Be KIND. Speak KINDLY.

L…LISTEN with LOVE. Don’t listen to win an argument but rather to resolve and to have mutual agreement. Seek to understand. 

M…love your wife MORE than your MOM.  And don’t compare her cooking to MOMS.

N…NEVER NEGLECT strengthening your faith. You’re the leader of the house. Lead by example. 

O…OFFER to help around the house. Even if she’s says “I got everything covered” you’ve just made a love deposit! 

P…PURSUE PEACE! “A happy wife is a happy life.” I heard that from someone and it’s true. 

Q…learn to speak QUIETLY. It could make all the difference in a crucial conversation. Oh yeah, QUITTING the marriage is not an option.

R…RESIST the urge to seek REVENGE! REST, RESET your mind on Christ and RELY on His word. 

S…let her breasts SATISFY you! Enjoy the SEXUAL relationship only with her. 

T…TAKE TIME to be with her. Be greedy with your time! But you must have T.I.M.E. If you need to get a new job to have more TIME, then do it. Don’t neglect her. 

U…Seek to UNDERSTAND her! Before you say, “That’s impossible…” it’s something God expects you do, 1 Peter 3:7. No…stop it…it’s possible 😂.

V… VOW to be faithful. 

W…WAIT on the Lord. Let him WORK on both of your hearts, even when something seems impossible. 

X…eXpect that Gods way works because it does! 

Y…YOU said “YES” on your wedding day. Be sure that YOU continue to say YES! YES, we will work through this…, YES we will rely on God…, YES, I was wrong…, and YES I will put the toilet seat down! Ha!

Z…be ZEALOUS to let her know how much you love her.  

Whew!!! That’s a lot. But maybe it’s not. Marriage is hard work but good work. It’s easy to write this, but at times hard to live. But it’s possible. 

I’m a man under construction. I am flawed.  But I keep working on building and growing. That’s what we gotta keep doing. Keep building bro! Pray for me and I will pray for you. 

Marriage is a blessing! Your wife is a blessing! Be thankful.