It’s a blessing to have access to medicine that can improve and even at times save our lives! 

Working in the pharmaceutical industry for almost a decade, it was always interesting to learn about side effects of products. Many are afraid when they hear the long list of potential side effects of a medicine that has been prescribed to them. 

But there is a particular medicine that has great side effects! 

I’m talking about exercise. We should view exercise as medicine! Many great ideas have happened when people exercise.

Runners talk about having a runners high. It’s a great feeling! 

Exercise is medicine. This medicine is available for all! You get to decide how often you will take it. 

Can someone over do it? Well DUH! 

But don’t be that person who says, “People go to the extreme with exercise…” as a shield or excuse for you not exercising at all! NOT COOL…

One of the great side effects of exercise is with your wardrobe! 

This morning I had an unexpected surprise…

After putting my shirt on my wife Nikki said, “That shirt is pretty big.”

It was an extra large. I decided to try on some other shirts too. They were pretty big. Some were tight in the chest area and big on the bottom. That’s a good sign of gaining muscle and losing fat in the midsection. I ended up with a pile of 9 shirts! Yes!!!

A year ago these shirts were covering up my belly! Nikki said, “I could see your belly through these shirts last year.”

Now I’m giving them away! Yes!

What a great side effect of exercise. 

As I write this I’m sitting in my 33 inch pants! It’s been a long time being in this size! Last year I was in 38-40!  I will take it. 

And I will take the cost of buying new clothes because the ones I have are too big, as opposed to buying clothes because the ones I have are too tight. 

Take your pill of exercise everyday.