Growing up I don’t recall going on a walk with my dad.

I do remember his laugh, his smile, and his work effort. I remember him saying that he loved us. But I don’t recall going bowling, going bike riding, playing video games, or taking walks with him. 

I’m cherishing the time I have with my son JOSHUA. Something as simple as a walk is great fun for me. 

Time moves so quickly with children. We gotta take full advantage of it. 

Father and Son time is so important. I’ve learned the importance of it, despite not having truly experiencing it. 

I’m hoping to plant seeds with my son so when he becomes a father he will do the same thing. 

As parents, we can either replicate or repudiate what we’ve seen from our parents. Certainly we should replicate that which is good. But we should repudiate things that weren’t good. 

Father and son time is a good thing! It is a blessing. Too many boys and girls are growing up without  fathers. It’s an epidemic and is part of the reason we have so many challenges in our society. 

If the devil can disrupt the home and particularly the man, then it will have a ripple effect on everything else. 

I hope I can teach JOSHUA the importance of being there for his family one day. 

Spend some time with your children. Go for a walk. Take silly pictures! Ask them if there’s anything they want to talk about. You may be surprised what they bring up. 

God is good!