It’s time to break the curse…

It’s time to break the terrible trends…

It’s time…

For fathers to be in the picture…

For fathers to be the provider, protector, and priest of the house…

No more fatherless families. 

I know it’s still mothers weekend. But as I looked at the fun photos I took with my family as we celebrated my wife, I couldn’t help but reflect on all of the moms day photos growing up without dad in the picture. 

Today, I was honored to be able to spend time with my lovely wife, and to see her enjoy her day. I’m thankful to be around to help around the house and to lead my son. I didn’t see my dad do that for most of my childhood. 

There were not a lot of fun photos like the one in this post. 

The trend ends here! I can either replicate or repudiate what I saw with my father. 

I will replicate the good things I saw and repudiate the bad things I saw. 

It’s been said by many, “Making a baby doesn’t make you a man.” So true! 

Everything is backwards in our society. 

Babies out of wedlock…No big deal anymore! That’s a lie.

Abortion…No big deal. (Side note…I find it interesting that people use language like Pro Choice…please just call what it is …Pro Murder). 

God designed the home and the proper order of events for a reason. 

Marriage…Then sex…Then children….

Now, for many it’s…sex…children…or maybe abortion…then…marriage …well maybe. 

This is becoming more common. It’s not good. Families need fathers. Families need men. Men who will provide for the family. Men who will protect the family. Men who will be the priest. By that I mean the one who will lead the family in the paths of righteousness. 

No more families without fathers. I know sometimes that happens. Couples get married and then the man may leave. The father may die. There can be a lot of situations that may cause a family to be without a dad. But dad, let’s not be the reason that our family becomes fatherless. 

Too many women celebrate both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day because they have to fill both responsibilities. 

No more! Dads, let’s be sure that we are in the picture, so our kids can see what a true man looks like. And so mom can truly enjoy Mother’s Day! 

Happy Mother’s Day.