I’m sure you are curious what will be said in this blog. I’m sure that some are feeling uncomfortable with the title and not sure they if they should continue reading. 

Some will not be able to read this because their covenant eyes software on their phone will block it. That’s ok. I’m glad they have covenant eyes. 

Some may have experienced a quick rush just seeing the word sex and are now curious. Just seeing the word will make people interested. 


It appears that we can’t get enough of it in our society…
S.E.X…sells. If companies want more viewers for a movie or television show, they can throw in a few more sex scenes. 

Everything appears to be about sex…

Fast food commercials entice us to eat a burger by having a beautiful woman in a swim suit seductively eating a burger with the sauces from it dripping. All I want is the BURGER without having to close my eyes or having to fight to keep lustful thoughts out of my mind. 
Sports illustrated has naked women on the cover (okay, fine they are covered with a little paint). 

It’s all about sex. Oh yeah, I didn’t forget to talk about pornography. We’ve said a lot about that already in previous blogs. 

Sex, sex, sex, and more sex.

What’s interesting is that while there is such an emphasis on sex, few people know little about the sexual relationship. For all the sex that is taking place there is still often a lack of intimacy that people experience.

That’s because many haven’t taken the time to really dig deep into the Scriptures. 
That’s because people are not listening to what God teaches us about the sexual relationship. 

God has given us what we need with respect to the sexual relationship between husband and wife. What’s weird however is how shy Christians sometimes are with discussing the topic of sex! What? Really? The sexual relationship is from God! 
Now I understand there are certain ways we go about discussing it, but make no mistake we need to talk about it, because the Bible says so much about it. 
We want our children to be virgins when they get married, but that will require us talking to them about the sexual relationship. It’s not enough for us to say to them, “Don’t have sex.”

We need to talk to them about the beauty of sex! Man, sex in marriage is such a great experience. There’s no guilt, no shame, and no worry. We need to share the beauty of it and how Gods way is always the right way. If we don’t teach them the right way, you can be sure that someone will teach them the WRONG things about the sexual relationship. 
We don’t want that to happen. When man begins to deviate from God’s way…chaos will ensue. All you have to do is…well…look in the Scriptures. 
It’s interesting how fast man deviated from Gods plan in the beginning. 

In Genesis 1-2, we see Gods design… 1 man and 1 woman together in marriage. The sexual relationship was great. They were naked and not ashamed! No shame! No guilt! No worry! They were one. Adam could enjoy Eve. Eve could enjoy Adam. 

But then we quickly see a departure from Gods pattern…
In Genesis 4:19, we see that Lamech took for himself two wives. That wasn’t Gods pattern.  

In Genesis 19, we see the act of homosexuality in Sodom and Gomorrah. That wasn’t Gods pattern.

In Genesis 34, we see rape. That wasn’t Gods pattern. 

When people follow Gods pattern…there’s no guilt, no shame, no worry, and satisfaction. 
When man doesn’t follow Gods pattern, there’s chaos, and there will be something that will be lacking. 
Sex…Sex…and more Sex…

Do you have questions about it? Go to Gods word.  We have books like Genesis, Proverbs, and the Song of Solomon that gives us so much wisdom about the relationship between man and woman in marriage.

Don’t be afraid to talk about sex! It’s a great thing, but we must follow Gods way!