Slip Away…

People slip away to do a variety of things throughout the day and week. 

Some slip away to get on social media…

Some slip away to get some lunch…

Others slip away to catch up and binge on Netflix…

Then some slip into fantasy land…

As I was recording my Bible reading called “Getting to know to Jesus” I was reminded what Jesus did that’s recorded in Luke 5…

“But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray.” Luke 5:16

The New American Bible says that He would “slip away…” 

As we go throughout the day be sure to slip away and talk to God in prayer. Turn to Him often. 

Jesus was a busy man. He was on a time schedule. Everyone wanted His time. He had a pretty big job to do! 


Are you struggling? Are you stressed? Are you fearful? 

Maybe you need to slip away more often. 


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