I’m one of the worst texters (Is that a word)? At least once a day I get a message like the one below from someone I’m talking to!!! This one came from my wife a few minutes ago. 

One time I was asked to drop some paper work off for one of the sisters from church. I dropped the stuff off at the front door of her house. I then left and texted her husband and said, “I just dropped off the thong for your wife.” 


I meant to say “I just dropped the thing off for your wife.” Thankfully, he wasn’t mad at me. 

I was thinking of writing this tomorrow. As I was thinking, someone sent me a message that wasn’t for me. They sent a message to the wrong person!!! 

I couldn’t help but laugh. That was enough for me to write this post.

It’s easy to send the wrong message. With autocorrect it can happen a lot. We are often in a hurry. We don’t often proof read what we type. 

We can quickly send another message if we sent something wrong. We can correct it. 

But I wonder if we are as conscious about sending the wrong message in other areas of our lives. What message are we sending/showing our children with respect to the importance of faith? 

What message are we sending to our kids when we constantly complain and never seem to be content? 

What message are we sending to our spouses with how we greet them when they come home? Or when they want to talk about something? 

What message do we send out when we go out into the world? 

What message are we sending? We get to decide. I guess it would be good for us to review what we’re sending out before we hit enter or send. We need to examine our hearts. Benjamin Lee needs to examine his heart! 

Someone will see your message today! They will see mine too. 

What will they see? 

A positive message? 

A negative message? 

A message of discontent? 

A lazy message? 

A “I love God” message? 

A “I’m thankful for Gods grace” message? 

A “I hate my job” message?

A “I’m so grateful for all of my blessings” message? 

What message will you send today? Make it a good one! Then send it to everyone!!!