Ok, maybe that title is a little strong. But don’t watch the NBA Finals. 

This is the third year of the Cavs and Warriors. It’s sure to be an exciting series. It may go 7 games again. 

Warriors won the first time these two teams met. I watched that series. I was rooting for LeBron. 

Last year the Cavs did the impossible. They came back after being down 3-1 in the Finals. That doesn’t happen. 

But I didn’t see one game! I banned myself from watching any of the games. Game 7 I was in my room reading a book as my wife watched the game. I heard her occasionally screaming at the television in the living room. 

Then she walked in and told me what happened! I couldn’t believe it. I went nuts. All I wanted was LeBron to win one in Cleveland. He did it! 

So why didn’t I watch the game? Part of it was that I didn’t want to see LeBron lose another final. I doubted for real that they could really do it, as everyone else did. 

A second reason was that I was on a journey. A journey of reading. A journey of change. I’m still on that journey. I didn’t have time to watch the finals, or any other sporting event for that matter. 

I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent watching sports, or ESPN showing the same highlights over and over and over. Last year I had enough. 

I realized something. The mindset that I had last year has propelled me to new heights this year! I wasn’t  writing this blog last year. My mind wasn’t ready for it. Now I am. I was out of shape last year. Now I’m in shape. Last year I never thought about writing a book. This year it will happen. 

Something has changed. Time is becoming more valuable to me. This is not a slam if you decide to watch the games. I’m just speaking about me. I have my goals I’m chasing. Steph and LeBron have their goals and that’s cool! Personally, now that LeBron has a ring in Cleveland, it doesn’t matter what else he does. He’s one of the best…Period. 

But here’s the thing. In the past I had spent so much time listening to sports talk shows speaking about that very subject. After spending one or two hours, I was still in the same spot. I had accomplished nothing. I hadn’t accomplished anything with respect to Faith, Family, Or Fitness. Enough!  I can watch highlights in the morning online. 

I didn’t watch the elections. Why? It was better for me to go to bed and pray! 

So what goals do you have? Are you willing to sacrifice the NBA Finals to accomplish them? In a week it will be June. The year is half way over. That’s crazy!  We have to be intentional with our time. We will probably see these two teams in the Finals in 2018. 

The question is where will you be in 2018? Where will I be? Will we be in the same place? Will we have our championship ring of success (whatever that will be)? Or will we be sitting on the sidelines again? 

Go get it baby!!!