Last night my aunt sent me a photo of me taken in late April. 

I was in Chicago. When she sent me the photo I was a little surprised with what I saw. 

First, my eyes were open in the photo. They rarely are ever open! Sweet! 

Second, I looked young. I still see myself as being young (38), but the photo brought a smile to my face. Earlier this morning my wife saw the photo and asked when it was taken. She said, “You look like your younger self.” Wow! That felt great. 

Photos are powerful. I went back and found a photo taken last year around the same time. I’ve definitely am smaller than I was last year. I’m also stronger. My mindset has changed. 

I’m getting more done this year than I did last year. I’ve already done things this year that I never thought I would have been able to do last year. 

I feel like I’m getting younger. Is it possible? I think so. I understand that death is a reality! Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die. But death is a journey we must take! So I embrace that reality. 

But I do feel like I’m getting younger. 

How can that be? How can you get younger even as you get older? 

1. Mindset has so much to do with it. Some people talk old. They constantly remind people of their age and that they are old. Age is just a number. Look at what men like Joshua and Caleb did when they were older. 

2. A spirit of gratitude also goes a long way. Being thankful I think will keep us young. It will help us with appreciating what we have. It will cause us to smile more. 

3. Exercise will help us to get younger. Losing 26 pounds and keeping it off has definitely made a tremendous difference. Exercise no matter how old you are! It will keep you young. 

4. Eating the right foods will help us to get younger. We must feed our bodies what they need to stay strong and efficient. 

Let’s get younger! 

Look at little kids. They laugh, cry, sleep, run around, forgive quickly, and enjoy life! Maybe we should start acting like kids more! 

Enjoy Life! Get Younger!