Happy Father’s Day!!! 

Dads are so important! They are part of the family structure that God designed in the beginning. 

Families need that male figure in the home. Sadly, so many homes don’t have dad in the house! We need MEN!!! Men who will stand and do right!

But for those who are in the house I say thank you! Thank you for being a real man. Happy Father’s Day to all the men who…


B…are a BLESSING to their home and not a curse

C…demonstrate COMFORT to their family

D… will DISCIPLINE when necessary 

E… give all their ENERGY to provide for their family

F…are men of FAITH

G…who believe in GOD

H…whose HOPE is in Christ, not riches 

I…INITIATE conversation with their children

J…who are JUST and fair

K… KEEP the home safe from the snares of the devil

L… who aren’t afraid to say “I LOVE YOU.”

M…who are MOTIVATED to do right

N…who are brave enough to say NO to something or someone that could bring harm to their family

O…are OPEN to making changes when necessary 

P…who keep their PROMISES

Q…who never QUIT leading their children

R…RELY on the wisdom of God 

S…are STRONG enough to STAND for what’s right when others don’t

T…will sacrifice overtime at the job to spend more TIME with their children

U…who are willing to UNDERSTAND the challenges their children may be having

V…celebrate the VICTORIES of their children 

W…will WARN their children of the dangers of this WORLD and not conform to political correctness

X…who will eXPECT great things from their children

Y…Who will say YES to doing something that will bring a smile to their children even when they don’t want to. 

Z… who will ZOOM to the rescue when their children fall (physically or spiritually) to help them back up

Happy Father’s Day!