Earlier this morning I started a series of blogs discussing ways to motivate yourself when it comes to your health. 

There are a variety of things you can do.

1. Talk to yourself so you can be sure that you get your $$$$ worth with each workout. This is free to do! 

2. Create your own brown suit challenge. Find some clothes you love and can fit into that you already have in your closet and wear them for like a month. This is also free to do. 

3. Make a notepad with a great picture of yourself on it. Write out motivational thoughts to yourself. Boom!!! Get the Shutterfly app and wait for certain discounts and this will basically be free to do as well. 

4. Make your own motivational video! It will help you remember how far you’ve come! Get the Splice App and boom!!! 

Here is one more tip for you to do. 

Create your own place mat! Yep! 

Put a great picture of yourself on it and use it when you eat at the dinner table. Talk about a game changer. It will make you think twice before eating too much. It’s also a great conversational starter, LOL! 

For sure you may get some stares when you have friends over, but who cares. You’re trying not to be part of the 95% of people who will lose weight and eventually gain it all back. 

Motivate Yourself! 

Find A Way. 

No Excuses! 

Let’s Go!