Why would you ever want to listen to the devil? He’s so cunning. 

He’s coming after you and me. But we get a choice. We can say “NO” to him. 
What do you know about the devil? About 40% of people who profess to be Christians don’t believe in the devil. That’s weird isn’t it? Jesus believed the devil is real. Why don’t people believe what Jesus believes? Maybe because of the devil! 
He’s real! He’s our real enemy. Be sure that you know who he is. 

A…he’s your ADVERSARY. Everyday he will be shooting flaming ARROWS your way. 

B…he  will only bring BITTERNESS to your life

C…he seeks to bring CONFUSION

D…he’s DESTINED for hell and he wants you with him

E…he’s your ENEMY. He’s the EVIL one.

F…he has no FUTURE and neither do you if you FOLLOW him 

G…he has a GOAL for your life…for you to be GODLESS

H…he HATES you

I…he wants you to IGNORE God

J…his way will never produce JOY

K…his goal is KILL you. He KNOWS you by name.

L…he’s already LOST so why would you want to LISTEN to him and LOSE with him? HE IS NOT LUCIFER! Email me if you have questions.  

M…he’s a MURDERER. He has his own MINISTERS doing his work.

N…he wants you to say “NO” to God.He will NEVER stop coming after you. Make sure you NEVER take off your armor of God. 

O… he’s an OPPRESSOR

P…he’s the PRINCE of this world

Q…he QUIETLY will ruin your relationships 

R…he’s full of RAGE and wants to take it out on you. He’s like a ROARING Lion. But you can RESIST him and he will flee.

S…he loves SIN and wants you to love it too. He knows the SCRIPTURES which means you need to know them to so you will not be deceived. 

T…He can TRANSFORM himself into an angel of light. He has many TACTICS to destroy you. He is the TEMPTER.

U…he hates UNITY

V…he may win some battles but he will never be VICTORIOUS. Victory belongs to the Lord.

W…He has a WILL for your life. Will you follow it? The choice is yours. 

X…he wants you to eXalt him in your life in the form of sin, self, and stuff.

Y…He YEARNS for your soul! He will never stop. He yearns to destroy your marriage, your children, and your soul! He thinks about this everyday. This is his motivation. 

Z…He is ZEALOUS with his work. 

Do not be deceived!