I went out and bought those spinning things! You know what I’m talking about right? These (look below).

I really like the one that lights up! 

A friend of mine earlier this week made a video of her with a pencil in her hand twirling it. It’s basically the same idea. That’s all we had growing up. For years I’ve done that. So have other people.  But we didn’t think of the idea of turning it into something like those spinning things (what are they called). We’ve had a million dollar opportunity for all of those years. Oh well.  I do not know when those spinning things came out. I first heard of them from some kids at church. 

What’s the point of this? I can not remember because I’ve been up since 3 am. Oh wait here it is…

Everyone has an idea! It’s just waiting on you. What’s yours? It may not make you any money. Who cares. Just create. 

James Altoucher recommends writing down 10 new ideas everyday. That’s hard to do. Try it. I wrote a short book about my dad a few weeks ago. I put it up on Amazon. It’s sold 10 copies. I bought one. That’s okay because part of doing it was to prove to myself that I could finish. I did something I have never done before. 

Next up is a coloring book. How many will it sell? No clue? The point is to create. It could be that something may stick. Even if it doesn’t, you will push yourself to doing something different. 

Who knows…

You may already have a million dollar idea just waiting to be produced!!!!