That was my prayer request in 2008-2009. I asked my brothers and sisters in Christ in Columbia Missouri to pray that I would get let go from Pfizer. 

The time had come. I knew it was going to happen. I made it through one set of cut backs in 2006. Another one was coming. 

When you pray BIG, big things will happen. We serve a big God! 

I did get let go. “Your services are no longer needed. Thank you for your hard work.” Pfizer was good to me. I learned so much. 

It taught me how to speak to others. 

It taught me how to be bold. 

It allowed me to meet new people and develop great relationships. 

It gave me opportunities to travel. 

I was able to lead others to Christ.

I regret not getting my masters degree while I was with the company. They would have reimbursed me. That was dumb on my part. 

But when one door closes another door will open (hopefully…lol).

I was about to take another leap….preaching!!! 

I never thought I would be a preacher. I started thinking about it in 2001. I would finally make the decision in 2009.

My wife and I would move to Beaumont Texas! Can any good come out of Beaumont Texas? Yes! 

It was a big leap for us! 

We sold our house in Missouri.

I went from making $88,000 with benefits and car to making $25,000 in a preacher training program. Ouch!!!

Life is about taking risks. They should be calculated. But sometimes you gotta get out of the boat and try to walk on water (don’t literally do that or you will drown). You know what I mean right? 

So that’s what Nikki and I did! We got out of the boat. It’s been a good decision. 

Tomorrow is  our 8 year anniversary of when we arrived in Texas. 

We’ve gained new friends…

Our faith has grown so much…

I’ve been able to teach people the gospel of Jesus. What a blessing.

I’ve been able to preach in Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Florida, New York, Louisiana, Minnesota, Illinois, Alabama, Mexico, South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. 

My eyes have been opened….

There are many who are hurting. Jesus can heal you. 

We’ve had one child and went through the pain of losing one. 
I’ve seen my wife on chemotherapy.

I’ve had 2 defibrillators put in my chest since moving to Texas.

I’ve buried my father, granny and papa. 

I’ve been disappointed by brethren. I’ve disappointed people too. I’ve been inspired by brethren. Hopefully, I have done the same thing. 

Life is good. What will the next year look like? I got no clue. Only God knows. 

What I do know is that I will trust in Him.