It’s time to close the books. It’s time for action. It’s time to take that first step. 

It’s time to execute. I love books. I love learning new things. If you have any book recommendations for me let me know in the  comments section. 

Something I’ve learned is that eventually you have to take action. You have to put what you’ve learned into movement. When I worked with Pfizer as a sales representative we went through intensive training. But eventually, we had to go out into the real world. It didn’t matter if we were nervous. If we wanted that paycheck, that’s what we had to do. If we wanted to win trips, we had to act! Sales weren’t going to happen by themselves. 

The same is true with everything else. It’s time to take action. You can learn about a new diet. You can spend weeks researching it, contemplating it, and then making a decision. But then you will have to ACT! Close the book and GO! 

That’s the only way you will get results. 


When I was in a preacher training program I learned a lot. But eventually, I had to ACT. I had to put into practice what I learned. 

Go ahead and take that next step. But it is often that next step that’s never taken. 

People go back and forth about starting a blog…They learn, read, ask, consider, but then….


Cmon now! Do something will ya. 

Enough reading…It’s time for action. 

You don’t need to read 30 books about becoming organized. You may just need to take a day off to get your house or office in order. 

Enough Reading…It’s Time To Act.

You can read for two months about the health benefits of exercise. But what good does it do if you don’t ACT? 

Duh 🙄 

Even with the Scriptures people can read and read and read but never arrive, because they fail to put into action what they’ve read! 

Jesus wants us to be doers and hearers of His word. Don’t just read it…ACT! 

The one difference with the Bible as opposed to other books, is that it should never be closed. We always need to be learning and taking action! 

That’s when we will see change. 

What have you been reading? How many times have you read it? Have you taken action? If not, why not? 

What are you waiting on? Stuff will not happen magically!