When The Well Runs Dry…

That moment has come…

For months now thoughts have flowed from my mind. I have felt like I’ve been in a state of FLOW for a long time.

Then yesterday, I uttered these words to a friend of mine, “My well has run dry.”

When it comes to writing sermons, blogs, and workbook material, it all seems to flow out naturally. But now I feel like my well has run dry. 

With respect to sermon writing my friend asked me if I’ve been reading my Bible frequently. It’s often the case that a lack of reading can cause that. But I have been reading regularly. 

I just finished the book of Ezekiel. 

I’ve read Colossians numerous times preparing for a meeting.

I’ve been doing my chronological Bilbe reading daily (just wrapped up Isaiah). 

I’m also reading a psalm daily. 

My friend then asked if I’ve been reading other books. I have, but these books have been more to prepare for classes. 

Thoughts…ideas…come back to me…where are you?

I went fishing last week at the beach. I was hoping I would get some juices flowing with respect to thoughts there. Nope! 

I actually do have some sermons prepared, but they are for upcoming meetings later in the year. I have sermon sketches of different ideas that I have stock piled, but none seem to be sticking. 

So what do you do when the well runs dry? I will keep reading. I will keep exercising. Typically, I get a lot of clarity when I exercise. I will continue to get sleep. 

Eventually, the well will be full again! 

Thoughts…ideas…come back to me write now please. 


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