It’s been said that we are born with two fears…

The fear of falling…

The fear of noise…

So why are we afraid of so much? 

There are a variety of reasons that could be given. 

1. Sometimes it’s due to what other people say.

2. Sometimes it’s because of bad experiences. 

3. Sometimes it’s because we often think the worst. 

Break free right now! 

Go out and conquer your fears. 

Many people never learn how to swim because they had a bad experience where they almost drowned. That one experience has now paralyzed them. They will never get in the water again. 

That’s sad isn’t it? 

Some people will never move from where they grew up out of fear of the unknown. There will be no Abraham and Sarah moment for them. That’s unfortunate. 

Many people allow negative words to hold them back. Things like, 

“That will never work.”

“Why are you doing that? That’s stupid.”

“You’re just no good at that.”

Do you allow words like that hold you back? Even worse, do you allow that dialogue between your ears hold you back? 

We are experts with telling ourselves STORIES…

We can imagine the absolute worst thing that will happen. Cmon, admit it! You know it’s true. 

We can talk ourselves out of doing something that is actually good. 

Right when we’re on the brink of SUCCESS, we can draw back. How foolish is that? Have we allowed society to influence us that much? 

Maybe we should go back to being a child. Children express themselves! They are fearless. They may do a lot of crying, but it’s because they launch out into the deep. They are often very courageous. 

Cmon right now!!! Launch out into the deep. 

Conquer your fears!! 

Are you afraid of public speaking? Take a class on it and crush it. I have learned as a gospel preacher that there will always be a critic. Every week I have to say “NO” to fear, so I can get up and speak. God is with me! Therefore, I will speak. 

Don’t be afraid of success! Embrace it my friend. Use that FEAR as energy, strength, and power. Feel it! Accept it! Then tell that FEAR what you are going to do! 

Figure out what it is that’s holding you back. Is it that if you are successful you will have more responsibilities? Embrace the added responsibilities. That’s what life is all about. Are you worried that people may talk about you? Ha!!! They probably already are. Do you feel like you don’t fit the part with what you want to do? Well, keep learning and growing but don’t ever stop. 

Be fearless! You’re so close. Don’t shrink back now. 

So, what’s on your list to do? 

Be Fearless! One day you will run out of time. Don’t let FEAR win!