New Podcast! Episode #20 Overcoming Fear One Gear At A Time

We’re off to the races this week. I’m excited about the week, despite some challenges that are taking place. No matter what, we must keep moving forward. We trust in the Lord and in His power, not ours! This new podcast will take you back to 2016. Is there something you’ve been afraid to do?Continue reading “New Podcast! Episode #20 Overcoming Fear One Gear At A Time”

If You Ask, They May Say Yes.

Last year I read a book. It was highly recommended by a very popular podcaster. I got it but I didn’t like it. It was a struggle to read it but I kept turning the pages. Eventually, I decided to STOP. I didn’t finish the book. Instead, I did something way faster. The author ofContinue reading “If You Ask, They May Say Yes.”

Overcoming Fear One Gear At A Time

I was huffing and puffing on the stair master at the local gym when I got the call. I had been looking for a new vehicle. I needed something cheap and reliable. Good luck finding something like that right? But my prayers were answered. My next door neighbor called me and said another neighbor wasContinue reading “Overcoming Fear One Gear At A Time”

You Have To At Least Try

I mentioned in an earlier blog how I began to blog in 2017. Many of my blogs are on this site, and some are on another. I will be sharing more of my blogs here in the near future. I not only began to blog, but I also began creating books. I never thought thatContinue reading “You Have To At Least Try”

I Probably Should

I’ve been playing a game to overcome procrastination. It’s called “I probably should.” I think I’ve also called it “I really should…” When I begin to feel paralyzed, fear, stuck, or lazy, I begin to speak out loud, “I probably should…” Go and workout: Sometimes it’s good to just move. When we get the bodyContinue reading “I Probably Should”

Take The Training Wheels Off

Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with my five year of son.  ME: Son, it’s about time to take the training wheels off your bike right?  Son: No, it’s not time. I will fall if I do.  ME: Yeah, but you have fallen with the training wheels. Life is about challenges.  Son: I’m never goingContinue reading “Take The Training Wheels Off”