My birthday was earlier this week. I had an unexpected visitor. His name? 

Hurricane Harvey! He’s like that family member that just doesn’t seem to leave. 

Please go! 

Sadly, he will be felt for a long time. People around the country are feeling the affects of this hurricane. It’s nuts! 

I have many emotions running through me right now. 




Fatigue (even though I left Beaumont where so many are experiencing lack of water and power).

Mental fatigue…

But I got something that I needed to hear from my sister this morning. 

Every transformation has to have a test. This past year has been a tranformation for me. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

This time last year I was laying down the basics as I prepared to lose the weight one last time. I had a great coach (Bill Phillips) and a great team to help me along the way. 

I can’t go back! My tranformation has had some tests for sure. 

There was getting a new defibrillator in December and taking a month off. 

But God saw me through. All is well praise God. 

Sadly, I had to see my family members mourn. My uncle was murdered in April. That was hard. And it still is. You don’t ever get over that. That hurt continues. 

Now hurricane Harvey. This test is unique. There’s no timeline to it. It will be ongoing for the rest of the year and beyond. Lives have been changed. Situations are now different. My thought process is already shifting. 

Has yours? 

Every tranformation has to have a test. I plan on passing this test. But how? 

1. I will have to fully trust in God, Proverbs 3:5. I have to be willing to let go of everything, because so much is not in my control. 

2. I will have to be even more intentional staying connected to God in prayer and reading His word, Mark 1:34-35. Like Jesus I will have to slip away and be with my Father. 

3. I need to remember my “Why” with respect to my tranformation. 

4. I will need to follow the details that got me to this place. I know what to do. No need to change and deviate now. 

5. I will have to say “No” more. This hurricane has washed away the stuff that often has clouded my mind. I can see even more clearly now. Focus only on what matters. 

6. I will need even more support from others. 

7. I will practice what I have been preaching! 

Even tranformation has to have a test! Hurricane Harvey has given me one. Challenge accepted!