The storm has passed. Yet for many the storm has just begun. 

Houses need to be rebuilt. 

Savings have to be built up again. 

Faith needs to be strengthened. 

Businesses need to start running again.

Children need to go back to school. 

There’s much work to do. 

One congregation in South East Texas have closed their doors due to the fact that they were a small group and didn’t have the funds to rebuild their building. I wonder how many stories like this I will hear.

So what about you? What might or will change in your life? How will Hurricane Harvey change you? 

I sat down last week with my wife and some brethren who left with us when the weather got bad on August 27th. As we sat at a dinner table two hours from our homes wondering what would happen, I suggested that we all do something. 

Each person would write a letter to themself. That letter would consist of how this moment in time, this storm, would change them. We were to write down what we would improve upon in our lives. What would we do better moving forward?

I’ve been thinking a lot about that. I’m going to write my letter to myself today. What about you? 

There are certain moments in our lives that stick with us, and that will change us. The problem for many (me included) is that we often forget those changes a few months down the road. 

Yesterday was 9/11. When America was attacked by terrorists on September 11,2001, lives were changed. 

Church attendance went up. 

People prayed like never before. 

But in the process of time what happened? People forgot! Things changed. Did that happen to you? 

Do we only seek God during the storms? 

Do we only talk to Him when we have nothing left or no one left to talk to? 

Do we only seek comfort from God when all else fails? 

How will we be changed?






The choice is ours. Maybe you should write yourself a letter today. Seal it and have someone mail it to you 6 months from now. Then you can see if the changes you decided to make have really stuck. 

Change will happen. We get to decide if it will be good or bad.