What day is it? 

What time is it? 

Where am I?

Those are some questions that many people in Southeast Texas are probably asking. The days are going by fast here. 

The work is being done! 

The last couple of weeks have been crazy. With so many homes affected from Hurricane Harvey, the work is non stop. 

Yesterday, I got a tetanus shot. I got a small cut a couple of days ago, but got a bigger one yesterday breaking up a tile floor. I don’t know how much water and Gatorade I’ve drank. I’m sweating a lot and for good reason. But so is everyone else. 

There are so many people sacrificing their time, energy, overtime, vacation, to assist in the work. God bless all of them. 

Seeing the damage all around is still very tough to see. Seeing the mold growing on stuff is crazy. Take a look at the photo below. That was mold in someone’s pantry. 

Will you pray for us in Texas? 

Will You sacrifice some of your time and come and assist with the work? 

We have so many members who are. We have so many brethren from around the country who have already done that. 

We need more. 

You probably want to get a tetanus shot…

We will have the Gatorade and gloves for you. 

Just be ready to sweat!