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Replacing Church Potlucks With Physical Fitness! 


That’s what a buddy of mine mentioned to me earlier today. He went to 2 potlucks yesterday! I couldn’t help but laugh. 

After services yesterday members evidently put together a couple of potlucks! 

I have a new idea! What if members replaced potlucks with physical fitness. Instead of gathering together to eat, what if members gathered together to workout! 

To walk! 

To jog!

To run!

To lift! 

To do burpees!

To do curls!

To do squats! 

How fun would that be! Ha! But I wonder how many members would show up. Probably not that many. But maybe I  would be surprised. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat. But we should probably be exercising more. Do you agree? There’s only so much food we can eat. 

Let’s change it all up! Let’s get rid of potlucks. After all, potlucks often disappoint. People bring the same kind of chips and cookies. You have to take a big risk with whether or not to eat that potato salad. Has it been sitting in a warm car all morning? 

Let’s get rid of potlucks! Or maybe there’s an third option. 

What if we all worked out first…

Then had like a protein shake potluck! 

We would still eat, but just in a different way. Some members could bring…

Those protein cookies…

Vanilla protein shakes…

Chocolate protein shakes…

Strawberry protein shakes…

Okay, okay, physical fitness is probably not going to replace potlucks. But I still think it’s a good idea. 


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