August 27th, 2017 is when everything changed. This is the day when the rain really began. One month later so much has changed.

The question is…

Have WE CHANGED? Have WE CHANGED FOR THE BETTER OR FOR THE WORSE? Things must change. I decided during the storm that I was going to write myself a letter. A letter to remind myself 6 months down the road of who I want to be, will be, and need to be. It’s easy to want to change during the storm. But eventually the winds will die down. The rain will stop. The fear will subside. Then what?

It can be easy to go back to who used to be. But not this time. When you experience like Hurricane Harvey, it forces you to really think a lot more about life.

So here is my letter. I thought about whether I would share this with others. I shared my letter I wrote to myself last year as I went through my physical transformation. I don’t know if that helped anyone. Maybe this letter will. If not, I will have a record of it for myself.

A Letter From Benjamin To Benjamin

You are starting this letter a few weeks late. But better late than never right? This letter is designed to help you to NEVER FORGET what happened on August 27th.

You will never forget that day will you? You had an unexpected visitor. Last name was Harvey. First name was Hurricane. He has changed so much for you. He has changed so much for those you care so deeply about at the Dowlen Road Church of Christ, in Texas, and throughout the world.

When you left home that early Sunday morning, you probably didn’t think that you wouldn’t return for over a week. You probably didn’t think that there would be so much devastation around you. This was your first hurricane (and hopefully last).
You went to Lufkin with Nikki and some of your friends. You stayed with Sandy and Joe. They are indeed salt of the earth people. You watched the weather channel with horror, fear, and nervousness as the Hurricane stayed over Texas for what seemed like weeks!

You sat down with the crew and encouraged them to write this letter. I’m thankful that you are now doing it. Okay, let’s now get to the heart of the matter.

How is Hurricane Harvey going to change you? You can’t go back to the Benjamin of August 26th, 2017. Now, listen carefully, that doesn’t mean that you were off track with a lot of things. This has been an epic year for you in many respects.

But dude, you just can’t stop. You have to keep going. There’s so much work for you to do. Hurricane Harvey should remind you that life is indeed short. You don’t have time to play around.

So, I’m going to give you some things that you need to hold on to. In the process of time you may begin to forget some of these, but don’t. I will have your great friend Jason from Alabama send you this letter every three months. When you read this, I’m hoping that you will have grown even more.
Okay, here we go.

1. Remember NOT TO WORRY, Matthew 6:33. God has already brought you so far. He will continue to provide you. DON’T WORRY. Write “Do Not Worry” out 30 times a day for the rest of the year.

2. SEEK HIM FIRST, Matthew 6:33. This life isn’t about you, but HIM. Give Him glory. Remember Him everyday. He’s waiting on you to talk to Him more. Don’t delay. Keep studying His word. Be sure not to leave the house before you read and pray. You’ve done well with this but you have room to grow.

3. Fully Appreciate your family. You really are blessed. Your son is looking to you. This is the time right now to show him the way. Help guard his mind even more. Look at him intently as he talks. Put your phone down even more. FOCUS! He wants your attention. Give it to him.

4. Love your wife even more. You probably need to read and meditate even more on Phillippians 2:1-5. How about this…memorize before this letter is sent to you? Deal? Ok, good. Nikki loves you very much. Don’t let small disagreements that you two may have to get in the way. You must have more date nights. Remember that she needs protection and reassurance. Don’t be a jerk. You’re the man. Lead.

5. Don’t worry about what others may say. I’ve noticed lately that you may be putting too much emphasis with what others have been saying. Don’t worry about them. Worry about what God has to say. Keep going with your ideas. They are working. You are helping others. You are helping yourself. Push baby push.

6. Go after your dreams. Don’t play life safe. Keep taking risks. Believe in yourself. Don’t take the easy path. There’s so much to see and experience. Don’t take the safe route. FLY. SOAR. JUMP. Don’t be afraid to FAIL. You’ve already FAILED plenty of times and you are okay. You only live once.

7. Enjoy your health. There’s so many that don’t have their health. Remember what it took for you to get it. Don’t just hold on to it. Improve it even more. Go Beyond your own expectations.

8. Become Debt Free. Give yourself a time limit. You’ve already done it twice. This is going to be the last time. Prepare yourself right now for the next storm. No matter what it takes (As long as it’s legal, ethical, and right).

9. Give Yourself To God’s Work Like Never Before. You’ve seen the power of God for the last three weeks. You’ve seen LOVE in ACTION by so many. You’ve seen John 13:34-35 in action. It’s felt so good to experience God’s comfort through His people. Continue to give yourself to others by assisting them, praying with them, listening to them, or just being in their presence. This life isn’t about you. It’s about God! Doing this will be pleasing to God.

10. Remember how much God loves you. You have been freed from your sins! Keep living like it. When you fall, get back up. You’re not perfect and will never will be. Rely fully upon God’s grace. He’s washed you clean of your sins, Acts 22:16. Can I get an AMEN! Be thankful for your redemption through His Son. He’s never left you, so don’t leave Him. He is still with you. The great God of heaven will give you success! Believe it like Nehemiah. Keep telling the devil to get behind you. The devil will not be victorious over you, unless you allow him too. Don’t give him any room. Guard your heart more than ever. There’s so much to do.





This is YOU talking to YOU!

Ben-Jam-In Lee
September 18, 2017 @ 6:55 P.M