Somehow I won prom king my senior year in High School! How did I win it? I have no clue.

How did I even get nominated? No clue!

When they announced the winner of the King it went like this…

“The winner of prom King is Corey Le…I mean Benjamin Lee.”

I think the announcer was even surprised. Oh well, anyway I won prom king, big deal. The metal they gave me broke later that night!

I don’t believe I was even dating the girl I went with to the dance (if my memory is correct). I was home by midnight. No hotel room for me. No drinking for me. No prom kiss.

The dance was at the Union on the University of Illinois campus (again if memory is correct).

I was a terrible dancer! Many would say what I did was not dancing, but something closer to the Elaine dance from Seinfeld.

I won prom king…but my son Joshua will never win prom king! He won’t be at the prom.

I can remember going to a dance in the 8th grade. Boys on one side and girls on the other. As the night progressed I gathered the courage to ask a girl to dance with me.

She said…”No.” Crushed, devastated, embarrassed…

I went to dances in high school! I remember the dances in high school in the cafeteria. It was dark, loud, and hormones were often raging. I still have my yearbooks and pictures of those dances to prove it. There were chaperones, but I don’t know what they did. They stood there as young teens were all hugged up on each other.

Things have changed since 1996. I know what happens on the dance floor at many of these dances. It’s teenagers rubbing up on each other for a few hours, who then have access to a hotel room (how does that happen) with the expectation of having sex. Some may say, “That’s an extreme.” Is it? Maybe it doesn’t happen in every instance, but I’m sure that it still is.

Many of the girls wear dresses that you think would make dads cringe!

Their breasts are about to fall out of the dress. Some of these girls are half naked.

Many of these boys already have the expectation that sex is going to happen. Condoms are available, beer is available, and something is going to happen because it’s prom night. Again, I know this may not happen in every instance, but I’m sure that it’s still happening. One of the reasons I believe this is that when you do a simple search on Google on prom dances, you will begin to see that some schools have now cancelled them. HHMMMM… I wonder why?

I went to prom, won prom king, but my son won’t be going!

Google prom dances and you may be surprised what happens at these dances. Maybe not…

I just did. Something that popped up is “prom dancing grinding.” Yep! Even Google agrees with me!

Girls backsides are rubbing up on the boys private area. For hours!

The only thing stopping these kids from having sex are the few articles of clothing they are wearing. And it’s in public! Sex on the dance floor. The same thing happened in college. Yep! I know, I was there on the dance floor (guilty). I did it. Not proud of it. My son ain’t going.

I went to prom and won prom king. But my son will not. It would not be good for him to be in that environment.

I felt like if I didn’t go to the dances that I would be left out. I think a lot of kids feel that way. But it’s a dance. If you don’t go, you are not missing anything.

There is great temptation for sure. Teenagers hormones are all over the place. It’s not a good idea to put them in a situation like that.

Parents, do you want your daughter grinding on guys with erections at prom? Parents, do you want your son grinding on a girl with an erection?

Is that graphic? Not with what’s happening in many high schools. I’m just telling you what happens at these dances.

Are we encouraging our children to take the next step and to just go ahead and have sex? For some, I guess they don’t care. Some parents give their kids condoms, which is basically the green light to do what they want. What?

Some parents will give their children access to liquor and even a hotel room! What???

I know some will not like what I’m saying.

I went to prom and won prom king, but my son will not be going.

Maybe Josh will get a tux and go out to a good dinner with his friends. I’ve heard parents do that. I like that idea. I’ve even heard of parents putting together their own dinners for their children or a group of children.

Just like Uber has changed the Taxi industry…

Just like Amazon has changed the online shopping industry, chain stores, and now grocery stores…

Just like Facebook has changed how people stay connected…

Maybe it’s time to change the whole concept of prom.