I’ve been playing a game to overcome procrastination. It’s called “I probably should.” I think I’ve also called it “I really should…”

When I begin to feel paralyzed, fear, stuck, or lazy, I begin to speak out loud, “I probably should…”

Go and workout: Sometimes it’s good to just move. When we get the body moving, we will get our minds moving.
Pay that bill: Can you relate? You know there’s something that you need to pay, but you just let that statement sit there. We should probably go ahead and pay it.
Make That Phone Call: Sometimes I begin to think about people and say to myself, “I should probably give them a phone call.”
Slow Down And Pray: Sadly, I can get into such a hurry with so many things, that I don’t spend the adequate amount of time in prayer. Shame on me. Can you relate? We need to pray, pray, pray.
Finish The Book That’s Been Sitting There For A Year: I love books. I have plenty of books I haven’t finished reading but I will still go and buy more. I should probably finish up the books I already have.
Go To Bed Earlier: I know the great benefits of getting quality sleep. Yet sometimes I struggle with the notion that staying up super late to get things done will work long term. I know that I work best waking up early. I should really just shut things done and call it a day, instead of trying to do more.
Finish Up Tax Paperwork: Like most people, tax season is not always the best time of year. But we need to pay our taxes. Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming getting everything put together. But I’m realizing and getting better each year, so when the time comes I will not have much work to do. I should really wrap them up soon.
Pick Up Those Socks: Last month I had a pair of socks laying by the front door. I looked at them when I woke up. Then I made breakfast. I looked at them when I got home. What did I do? Nothing! I just walked right past them. What do you call that? I don’t know, maybe LAZINESS. But then I said, “I should probably pick up those socks.” Once I did, I found it to be a relief.
Hang Up My Pants: There are times when I get home when I will just through my pants on the floor. Sometimes, I feel so tired that I’m in no mood to hang them up. I know what you’re thinking, “Dude, hang your pants up.” That’s what my wife is also thinking. I should probably hang up my pants. Once I started saying that out loud, I found myself doing more. It became easier.
What is it that you should probably do? Is it to begin writing? Is it to begin working out? Is it to begin cooking more? Is it to begin saving for retirement? Is it to say you’re sorry to someone?

You Probably Should…

Now it’s your turn to fill in the blank. I would love to hear from you about where you struggle to get things done, and how you were able to overcome. You don’t have to do this method that I’ve shared with you. In fact, you may think it sounds somewhat silly. It works for me. Some may be thinking, “The word SHOULD should be taken out” and changed to “I WILL DO…” Feel free to change the language if you want. Whatever it takes for you to get moving and finishing what needs to be done.

Speaking of doing something, I should probably stop. Have a good one. I have stop I should probably do.