Happy New Year everyone. I know, I know, it’s March. But I can still say Happy New Year right? I hope and pray all is well. I want to make a few suggestions as we move forward into the New Year.

LESS IS MORE! Yep that’s right. Here’s what I mean.

Less complaining will give us more joy in 2019. I complain a lot. It’s easy for it to flow. However, less complaining will provide more happiness and contentment in 2019. I’ve been working on myself, and I’m getting better.

Fewer Goals will help us to accomplish more in 2019. It’s easy to want to have 20 goals for the year. That’s probably too many. Dial it back. It’s better to have a few and after accomplishing those review and go after some of those other goals.

Less time at the gym  may give you better results. It’s easy to say that you have to spend two hours at the gym. Maybe you do if you’re the Rock. However, for most of us, I don’t think we need to. More intense workouts where you put a time limit on will challenging you mentally and also physically. Go ahead and give it a shot.

Less social media in 2019. When you cut back on social media, you will have the necessary time to read those books, connect with loved ones, and indeed grow and accomplish what you want. When we accept the fact that most of us are addicted to social media, we will begin to see the error in our ways. Put a time limit on your social media. Recognize that you may be weak when it comes to the variety of platforms that are out there. Have the courage to turn your phone off. Have the courage to log out. Have the courage to resist the urge looking at the phone in the car. Less social media in 2019 will give more than you can imagine.

Don’t go after MORE in 2019. Scale things back. Having less will probably give you MORE than what you could have imagined.