As I walked drenched in sweat Sunday night preparing for a 1/2 marathon this weekend, my mind went back to my childhood.

Was it me? Was it my sister? Was it my mother? One of us was sleeping in the closet. Dad was nowhere to be found. Oh, wait, yes he was. In the bars. With other people. We had very little money. As a result of that, we had to move into my grandparent’s house. But there was a problem. Not enough room for all of us. Not enough beds for everyone.

As I walked thinking about this memory, I texted my sister. Which one of us was sleeping in the closet? Which one of us was sleeping on blankets rolled out over the hardwood floor?

It was my mom. She sacrificed so my sister and I could have a bed.

WOW. That’s an I CAN DO ATTITUDE. I admire my mom. She did so much for us. I’m sure that’s where I get my I CAN DO MINDSET.

Life is not easy. She wasn’t in the closet forever. Life is hard. Life isn’t always fair. But we must decide how we will respond. What about me? What about you?

Are you experiencing some challenges? I don’t take lightly what you may be experiencing. Everyone has their own grief. Everyone has their own challenges. But I want to encourage you to keep going.

Don’t quit.

Change is coming.

Whether it’s you sleeping on the closet floor or something else, don’t stop.


I would love to hear more about you. What have you overcome in your life? Hearing from you will help me to grow as well.