I mentioned earlier this week that I will be sharing different recommendations that I have to you throughout the month. Here is the link to the podcast recommendation I gave a few days ago. Check it out.

Now I would like to give you a book recommendation. Remember, on my site I have a number of book recommendations for you to consider.

Today, I would like to share with you the one book to have when it comes to interviewing. It’s called Knock ‘Em Dead by Martin Yate. I can’t say enough about this book. I’m not looking for a job. But I was in 2001. I had just graduated from the University of Illinois. I was working at Gold’s Gym and trying to figure out what to do with my life.

I knew pretty much everyone at the gym. One of the members asked me one day, “What is it that you want to do?” That was a powerful question. One I didn’t really have an answer to. He invited me to get some coffee with him. I accepted his invitation. That one cup of coffee would create a new path for me. Maybe this blog will create a new path for you. I would learn this man was in pharmaceutical sales. I liked the sound of what he was doing (especially the money part).

This got me thinking about doing the same thing. I went to a job recruiting service in town. Eventually, I would link up to another recruiting service. I remember a couple of things from my interaction with that recruiter. First, when in an interview answer the question and then be quiet. Second, buy the book “Knock ‘Em Dead.” It’s a big book. It has a lot of information in it. But it’s worth your time really going through it.

Eventually, I got an interview. I was nervous. But I would quickly find out I was prepared. Really prepared! I knew all of the questions I was going to be asked. Okay, I didn’t technically know but in a sense I did. In the interview book, the author Mr. Yate provides numerous questions one may be asked. When I opened the book, I was able to go to the “College Graduation” section and examine potential questions I might be asked. Every question except for one in my first interview was in that book. I couldn’t believe it! But it wasn’t enough to simply know about the questions.

I had to put a lot of work into writing out and really thinking about how I was going to answer them. I wrote out what I would say and was sure I put it to memory. It served me well. This book continues to be a great resource. I recommend it. It has so much in it.

Martin Yate has a variety of other books and services. I have had his company work on my resume as well, and the pleasure of talking to him on the phone. In today’s job market, there’s a formula when it comes to resumes. Martin Yate and his company know what that formula is, so your resume will get noticed.

Knock ‘Em Dead will help you to Knock ‘Em Dead.


Let me know if you purchase this book. I look forward to hearing about your great success.