I heard about it from another blog post I recently read. I was intrigued. The Texas Tech basketball team made it all the way to the NCAA championship game. They came close to winning. Not many had them in their bracket. But that’s why you play the game.

But it was something they did before the tournament began that helped them to make a big run. The players put their cell phones down. If you want to read the article about this, here is the link to it here.

selective focus photography of person holding turned on smartphone
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

Here are some of the details.

  1. One of the players suggested that the players get off their cell phones the night before the game, to get more focused. They had lost three straight road games prior to this. The next game they won.
  2. This would become a part of their routine. Their coach took it one step further. The player’s cell phones would be taken on all nights of a road trip, and not just the night before a game. You know the rest of the story. They ended up in the championship game.

Now I know they didn’t win the title, but you have to give this team credit. You have to give their coach credit. It’s hard to be separated from your cell phone. It’s even more challenging to be off of social media. But it is possible.

The big take away from this is that we probably all need more concentration and less distraction in our lives. One of the biggest things that get in our way of success I think is social media. It doesn’t always produce an I CAN DO mindset. Sure, you can get encouragement from seeing others. But at the end of the day, you must put in the work. You and I must work hard. That requires focus on our part.

In our house, we have what we call our “Drop Zone.” It’s a place for us to drop off our cell phones. I’m working on turning my phone off when I get home (at least for a while). Try that and see how you feel. If you want to get to the mountain top, you will need to really work hard and focus on your goal. Remember how Rocky went to a cabin to train in the snow? We can’t always go to a secluded place like that, but we can make our environment a little quieter.

Give it a shot. It just may make you a champion. Also, check out a previous blog of mine about social media.


If you have some other social media tips, please let me know. I would love to hear about them and implement them.