I just got done with a 43 minute walk.

As I mentioned earlier today in a blog exercise has a way of opening my brain.

Ideas are flowing.

I typically don’t blog this often in a given day. But I’ve been up since 2:30am and my mind is beginning to open up more as I get further away from social media.

This popped into my head. It seems that many desire less stress in their daily lives. Good. But how? And can it be achieved with costing a ton of money which may add to more stress? I want to suggest a few things.

1. Exercise outside. It’s free. Go for a walk. Start where you are and just hit “Go.” You even get free music while you walk with the birds.

2. Walk in the grass before bed. I heard about this recently. I haven’t tried it yet. But it’s free.

3. Take a bath. I know I know, there’s water and soap, but it’s a great way to reduce stress.

4. Take a nap. Go to bed earlier.

5. Turn your phone off! Leave it in your car for a while. It’s free and almost guaranteed to reduce stress.

6. Write motivational words and phrases to yourself. It works. Feed your mind with good thoughts.

7. Go on a food fast. Check with your doctor if you need to. Less food will give your stomach a break.

Those are some thoughts that I’ve thought of and have done. What about you?

What else can we do to reduce stress and for FREE? Please let me know.