Someone has hit the FAST FORWARD BUTTON for planet earth.

Everything and everyone is seemingly moving extremely FAST.

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People want success FAST.

People want to publish a book FAST.

People want thousands of followers on their blog FAST.

People want to lose weight FAST.

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People want to fall in love FAST.

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People want the perfect job FAST.

People want FAST food.

People want FAST entertainment. No commercials, no-ads, just the show. People binge on a show so they can see it FAST.

Movie and television spoilers are more frequent because people want to know what happens FAST.

I just created (at least I hope so) an acronym for FAST.

Furiously Accomplishing Success Today.

Do you agree? I was actually writing another blog (Your Forrest Gump Moment) which will be published Lord willing this week. I created FAST in that blog.

I know that F.A.S.T is a way that could describe me in the past and even now. I think it describes a bunch of people. Our lives are moving at a super fast and furious pace. More caffeine. More stimulants so we can do MORE.

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Shorter nights. Why? Because we have to accomplish and become successful right now. Never mind the fact that many don’t even know what success really looks like. Many merely are mimicking what others have to say about success. Oh please!  Wewant it all TODAY. No work, no reflection, no failures, no challenges, no persecution, no pushback just success.

I say that is delusional. I’ve been delusional at times to. The F.A.S.T syndrome has affected me as well.

So, what’s the solution? You guessed it. We gotta go SLOW.

I just came up with this acronym for SLOW.

Steady, Long, OverTime, Wins

Slow and steady will win the race. Really it will! Success happens slowly. Even those who make millions on Instagram had to do something prior to attaining that success. It took Michael Jordan 8 years I believe before winning a title.

Go slow and steady. It will take time to write a book. Maybe a long time. I’m reading one now from a best selling author and it took him three years. Yet he was steady and diligent about his progress. Over time he won. He was successful.

So, what’s the point? Go SLOW.

Blog! But know blogging success comes with time. Maybe a long time. Know that your success is not based on how many followers you have, but the fact you’ve sat down and did what you said you were going to do. Go slow.

Know that your moment will come overtime. Your wins will come. But like a farmer planting crops it will take time.

Now, go and get it. Don’t go FAST. Be SLOW.