You’ve been running…

You’ve been lifting…

You’ve proven to yourself time and time again that YOU can do it.

You’ve done so much that you have others running, lifting, biking with you.

But then one day in Forrest Gump fashion you…

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You pause. You turn and you say, “I don’t want to run anymore.” “I don’t want to to continue to pursue this goal.”

And that’s it.

Professional Athletes go through this.

They have reached the mountain top numerous times. Over and over again they experience and taste success. Sometimes, reaching the mountain top was not what they expected. What about you?

What do you do when you have your Forrest Gump moment?

You lose those 20,40, or 60 pounds…NOW WHAT?

You completed the marathon…NOW WHAT?

You abstained from sugar for 30 days…NOW WHAT?

You have 1,000 or 100,000 followers on Instagram or WordPress? NOW WHAT?

Where do you go from here? What’s the next step?

I can’t remember exactly what Forrest Gump did after he got done running. I believe he went back to his life and continued to accomplish great things. Maybe that is how we should respond. I’ve been thinking about this.

There’s something great about accomplishing a goal. There’s a great feeling attached to the journey leading up to the goal being completed. But then, after you’ve gotten it, now what?

I wonder if Alexander the Great felt that way? You conquer the whole world. Where do go you from there, at least on this earth? What’s the next thing you do? What else is going to give you the dopamine release like that?

Or what about Steve Jobs? He changed music. Then the phone. Then the internet. Then technology as a whole with the iPad. What more is there to do? Actually, A LOT.

Michael Jordan won three titles in a row. Then retired. Then he came back and won three more. Boom.

Tiger Woods won 14 championships in golf. Then his world fell apart. Ten years later he won again. Boom.

LeBron James won back to back championship. Then left and went back home to Cleveland and won another title. Boom.

There is still a place to go even after you reach the pinnacle. For Forrest Gump, he still went on to do great things (I’m talking about him as if he really lived!)

Even when we reach that Forrest Gump moment, there’s still more to do. But what might that MORE be?

1. It may be MORE rest. After running for so long it was only a matter of time before Forrest needed a break. Even Jordan needed a break. Everyone needs a break. Even bloggers. One can do only so much. Even Jesus told His apostles to take a break from time to time.

2. It may be MORE of helping others. People who have reached so many goals have learned a lot on the way to the mountain top. Go and share it with others.

3. It may be MORE of reflecting on what you’ve accomplished. Someone has hit the FAST-FORWARD BUTTON on planet earth. Everything is FAST (Furiously Accomplishing Success Today). But I say go SLOW (Steady Long OverTime Wins).

Have you had a Forrest Gump moment? I would love to hear about it and how you responded.

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