I’m really enjoying WordPress. I think it’s a great website. I became disappointed with Bluehost, so I’m no longer using their website.

If you keep up with my blog then you know I’ve been trying to kick the habit of social media. I think my blog and connecting with others on WordPress would fall into that realm. I have thoroughly enjoyed following other bloggers and learning from them.

I have really appreciated the support from others in this community as well. I began my blog in 2017 with WordPress, and then moved to Bluehost in 2018. That was a mistake. I’m glad I came to my senses and returned.

I’ve recently have done something else. I’ve taken the WordPress app off my phone.

Here’s why. I began to constantly check my stats. I was getting that thrill feeling of receiving a notification like when I was on Facebook. For the most part, I write my posts on my desktop. So I don’t really need the app for that reason.

I decided it was in my best interest of deleting the app. I started slow. It began on the weekends. There was a lot of back and forth about whether I should have it. What if I miss a comment? What if I miss someone else’s post?

But it’s gotten easier. I haven’t the app on my phone this entire week. It has slowed down the amount of blogs I’m reading because I have to be more intentional with getting on my desktop to read. But it’s been worth it.

I’ve begun turning my phone off more. Yesterday, for the 4th I had it off for a good amount of time. It felt great and weird. I didn’t have a bunch of missed texts. I didn’t miss really anything. I was able to really enjoy my family.

But there is still in the back of my mind I strong desire to pick up the phone, just in case. I’m still a work in progress. What about you?

What’s your relationship with WordPress? What strategies do you have when it comes to your phone and time on it?