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“When was the last time you were truly amazed by something?” By amazed, I mean something that maybe made you say, “Wow!” Some may say…

  1. “I was amazed to see the Cowboys actually win a playoff game.”
  2. “I was amazed to hear that a celebrity had died.”
  3. “I was amazed that I did so well on my exam.”

When was the last time you were amazed at the miracles of Jesus? I ask this question because amazement was the common response from people when they witnessed the miracles of Jesus, Mark 1:21-27, 2:8-12, 5:41-42. What about us?

Are we still amazed when we read the miracles of Jesus? I will confess that there have been times where I have read the text, closed my Bible, and moved on. But may I suggest that as we read about Jesus and His miracles that we take the time to seriously consider them? After all, they were written for a reason. They should bring amazement and so much more. They should cause us to believe Jesus is the Son of God. This is why the miracles have been recorded for us, John 20:30-31. When you read the book of Acts, you will see how the disciples when they preached Jesus spoke about the miracle of the resurrection.

Before we go any further, how many of the miracles of Jesus can you list? Take a moment and think about how many you can name.

I. Some Facts about Miracles

People are often confused when it comes to miracles. Here are some basic things to know.

A miracle was a supernatural act from God. Miracles are unusual and unique, easily recognizable, events that came from the Lord. A miracle is “a special act of God that interrupts the normal course of events. Natural laws describe what happens regularly, by natural causes; miracles, describe what happens rarely, by supernatural causes.” (Quote From Frank Turek).

The miracles Jesus performed were not a magic trick (pulling a rabbit from a hat). Magic deals with a sleight of hand or misleading the mind. The miracles Jesus performed were real. Some other thoughts to consider when thinking about the miracles of Jesus.

They are not to be confused to something that is psychosomatic. There are studies of people who take a placebo drug in a clinical trial and they get better. How does that work? I read in a book of a preacher who went to preach at another congregation. The man thought he was allergic to blooming flowers. So, he began to take drugs to alleviate the symptoms. When he got to the church building he saw flowers near the pulpit. He began to sneeze and his eyes watered. He told one of the guys, “I won’t be able to preach with these flowers here because my allergy is acting up. So, would you please move them?” The man then responded, “They’re fake!” The allergies went away. This is not to be confused with the miracles of Jesus. While the mind is powerful, our minds can’t cure a severed spinal cord or amputated limb. A true miracle would have to occur for those conditions to be cured.

Not to be confused with something that is an anomaly. An anomaly is unexplained freak of nature. The miracles of Jesus are totally different. People saw them, tasted them, and heard the miracles of Jesus.

  1. When Jesus turned water into wine in John 2:1-11. That wasn’t a magic trick.
  2. The apostles saw Jesus walk on water, Mark 6:45-51. That was not in their minds.
  3. Jesus fed thousands with only a little bit of fish, John 6:9-14. This wasn’t magic.
  4. Jesus healed a man who had been ill for 38 years, John 5:1-11. This was not magic.
  5. Jesus brought the dead back to life multiple times, Luke 7:11-17. Not a magic trick.
  6. Jesus rose from the dead, John 20:1-6. That was not an anomaly. This was something that Jesus had predicted He would do.


The miracles of Jesus proved He is the Son of God. The miracles of Jesus point us to His identity, Acts 2:22. They demonstrate that Jesus was more than a carpenter. They prove that He had power on earth to forgive sins. The only one who has that power is God. They point to His identity as God in the flesh, Mark 2:7-12. The miracles testified that Jesus is the Son of God, John 5:30-39. John the Baptist spoke the truth and testified who Jesus was. The Father did the same. The Old Testament scriptures pointed to His identity and so did the miracles that He performed.

The miracles of Jesus demonstrated His power over all things. Jesus never struggled when it came to performing a miracle. He didn’t need any do overs. He never doubted whether He would be able to get the job done. Jesus had power over all things!

  1. He had power over the spiritual realm, Mark 1:23-25.
  2. He had power over the elements, John 2:1-11.
  3. He had power over sickness, Mark 1:29-31.
  4. He had power over death, Luke 7:11-17.

II. What Will We Do with the Miracles of Jesus?

It’s odd to consider that many quickly dismiss the miracles of Jesus.

But that’s exactly what happened in the days of Jesus. Many rejected His power. Many refused to truly believe in Him. After healing a man who had been ill for 38 years, some of the Jews were more interested in catching Jesus, instead of really taking into consideration what they saw. They saw a man walking who could not walk for 38 years, John 5:16.

Then there were others who instead of being filled with awe were filled with anger toward Jesus after a miracle and wanted to kill Him, John 11:45-46, 53.

They didn’t appreciate the miracles this man performed. They didn’t carefully consider what those miracles meant. What about us?

What will we do with His miracles?

Jesus tells us what we should do with His miracles. How about we listen to Him?

We should believe them, John 20:28-31. We have them recorded for us for that reason. We should believe in Him so that we will be blessed and have eternal life! While some might think it naïve to believe in the miracles of Jesus, my question would be why? They were seen by hundreds of people. They were recorded by eyewitnesses, Luke 1:1-4. Even the enemies of Jesus knew He performed these signs, John 11:41. What should you do with the miracles of Jesus? Read them. Believe in them and in the one who performed them.

They should change us. When Jesus healed the man at the pool of Bethesda, He told the man to “sin no more…” John 5:14. His life was supposed to change because of what Jesus had done. When the apostles knew Jesus had been raised from the dead, their lives changed, Acts 2:11. After Paul spoke to Jesus on the road to Damascus, his life was changed forever, Acts 9:1-9.

The miracles of Jesus certainly changed the lives upon whom they were directed toward. And they should change ours. But have they? Our lives should be changed forever! Is that where you are? If not, maybe you should go back and do some more reading on the miracles of Jesus. Maybe you should consider them more carefully, as you consider this man named Jesus.

After what you have learned so far, do you believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God?